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Are you looking for the aesthetic garden & floral design space to submit your draft? Do you want to write for us, create material, or collaborate with the team? We’re constantly seeking unique content, and we’d love to hear your ideas! Check out some of our material before you decide to write to us to acquire ideas and get to know our style. We’re seeking thought-leadership pieces, well-researched perspectives, and innovative techniques that provide actionable advice. welcomes guest authors, and we appreciate your interest in contributing to our site for write for us Garden & Floral Blog.

To be honest, we are a little picky when it comes to the guest pieces that will be submitted to our website. However, there is a valid explanation for this. We are working hard to create a gardening community — a place for gardeners to find fantastic ideas for improving their home’s green spaces, or just to learn about intriguing, or even strange, garden facts that few people are aware of. Of course, in order for that to happen, we will require high-quality material.


Furthermore, becoming a contributor to our site might benefit you in a variety of ways. As you can see, our website receives a large number of daily visitors. and if your work is excellent enough, people will most likely look at it and even click on the accompanying links. Furthermore, this might be a terrific opportunity for you to improve your writing talents and learn how to produce an attention-grabbing piece.

What We’re Looking for in a Garden & Floral Guest Post

Here are some ideas you can write about it.

  • Landscaping Ideas
  • Home Decoration
  • Gardening Tips
  • Home Improvement
  • Garden Plants and Flowers
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • DIY Outdoor Projects
  • Other Related Content
  • Garden Beginners Guide
  • Garden Decor ideas
  • Garden Tools
  • Gardening ideas
  • Lawn care
  • Plants care

Guidelines For Submission of Guest Posts

Your written material should correspond to the Google search console guidelines. Content should be useful and appealing, with correct formatting such as headings and subheadings that aid the user in comprehending the piece and make it nice and appealing. Here are some guidelines you should follow to make your content better.

  • Your content should be original and not recycled or twisted. We use Copyscape to ensure that the material is unique. Check it before posting your article.
  • While writing your lifestyle blogs, ensure that the material provided is scannable and authoritative in medical history, i.e., emphasize significant phrases by underlining them, and use bullets when providing ideas in the article.
  • In the guest post, we do not accept spamming or adulterous links related to gambling, casinos, or pornography.
  • The articles must be written in English. The tone of the essay should be helpful and instructional so that it may be read by any sort of reader. 
  • The article must include a headline and subheadings, as well as brief, easy-to-read paragraphs of 200 – 300 words. Finally, articles must provide a summary.
  • Promotional material on relevant issues in the post will be permitted only if it is of genuine value to the reader and not simply a marketing gig to write for us lifestyle websites.
  • Articles can be relaxed in tone and informational, which is ideal for less-intensive lessons and postings, or they can be strictly planned and edited. All should be well-thought-out examinations of current and cutting-edge online industry themes


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How Do You Go About Publishing?

Your submission will provide us with a good insight into the type of work you can provide for us. When you submit your content, we will analyze it and determine whether you are a suitable match for our site.

We’re looking for pieces that are both useful and amusing. They should be the greatest article on the internet for a particular topic. Quality is determined by your previous writing samples.

Please explore our blog articles in depth to have a sense of the minimal level of effort we require.

In addition, we only publish guest pieces that 1) target high volume keywords and 2) are not already covered by us.

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